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  1. So sorry for his loss but he has touched my life and heart with his booklet scriptures and thoughts. I feel so much closer to Jesus

  2. I write this with sadness and still a bit of shock. When Shane and Randy were young I appreciated their company, they were both respectfull, kind and certainly funny. I used to wrestle wit them a bit and tell them their youth and strength could never overcome my size and they would laugh and laugh. Then things got kind of fuzzy for a while and as our parents, their grandparents, passed away we grew apart as a family moving this way and that. I never forget my nieces and nephews and always hope they are doing well but never really know much about them as adults. It was a wonderful thing to learn that Randy had a personal relationship with Jesus and had a strong enough faith to wear it openly. I know our family will never be as close as it used to be but I think this tragedy helped us and a lot of others. While no one can conclusively prove there is a god Randy in his writings has opened a door for those who don’t believe. We must each allow the Holy Spirit to come in and prove to us that God is real and we only then need to prove it to ourselves. I love you Robbie, Ginny, Brady, Teresa and all my extended family, no matter the distance.

  3. My heart breaks… I have known Randy’s dad for 30 years. I remember when the boys were born. I remember the joy and pride Robbie had with the boy and the stories we loved to hear.. I pray for comfort for the family through this hard time.

  4. I have a daughter who is dying of breast cancer. It is very difficult for me to even think about losing her. She has touched so many lives and that is one way I am able to deal with what she is going through.

    I was told at Randy’s funeral that over 40 people responded to the preacher’s altar call. Randy was able to bring these people to Christ with just his short life. Rob, I know that nothing but the Lord’s healing power and time can help you. Please take in to context that Randy saved more people in one day than most do in a lifetime. We may never know the reasons for the Lord taking Randy at such an early age.but I promise you He had the need for a great young man. A young man he felt he can count on. May almighty God bless you and your family. joe

  5. As a friend to the family I can’t imagine the pain of your past and recent loss of your children, my heart and prayers go out to all the family and friends. Randy’s story at the memorial humbled me – both strengthening my own beliefs and widening my own path on my journey with Christ . The Lord opens many doors, for me one of those doors was Randy and he will forever be included in prayer. May the family take comfort, pride and strength knowing Randy is at home with the Lord as his work continues here on Earth.

  6. Rob,
    Reading Randy’s notes was uplifting. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. I do not know Randy or your family but I am extremely touched by his story. Randy’s earthly walk with our Lord has a purpose… It is to remind us to search Gods word and to live a life that honors God. Well done Randy!

    Pam from Southington Ohio

  8. Thank you Rob and Ginny, for this web page. I know Randy must have a lot of jewels in his crown, for all that he led to God. I hope he gets one for me as I start again on a Christian journey as I know this is the only way I will see Randy and Shane again. May they rest in peace as they wait for their love ones to join them.
    Love Grandma

  9. I am so happy to see that Randy’s Walk is available for anyone to read! No one can read it and not feel that this young man was on fire for Jesus Christ. He demonstrated a life that was a “work in progress.”

  10. Thinking of you today as I raise my hand in praise of Christ ! Bless all family and friends with strength & patience – Raise your hand in praise of our Lord !

  11. Good morning Shane & Randy,
    Thinking of you as I always do on a daily basis. Please continue to look over your Mother and Father, and grace them with your presence. Put your hand on there shoulder’s to let them know everything will be okay. The time I spent with the two of you is irreplaceable. You have no idea how you gentlemen helped me through my rough time. You will never know how much I miss and love you guys!!!! Look down upon us!!

  12. My Prayers to you my friend and your family on this day of sure rememberance . Hoping happy thoughts of birthdays past help you gain strength and comfort through a tough day. Bless you all, my hand is raised in prayer with Randy’s memory in mind.

  13. Thanks for the inspiring words! The Lord always knows what he is doing praise him for the good memories and look forward to seeing him in glory.

  14. Blessings to you & your family Rob at the 1 year anniversary of Randys passing / meeting with our Christ and savior. Though not always seen or heard, God always has purpose for our trials and his presence brings us comfort as our presence brings comfort to others. May the hand of Jesus be upon you & yours on your day of rememberance. Prayers and a hand to heaven remembering Randy on this day !

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